Huffington Post Calls Out Anti-Shiism in the “Land of the Free”


“It would be a tragedy to revert to a time when one particular group is shun, labelled, and altogether persecuted on account of its beliefs. It would be even more tragic to see a self-proclaimed democracy exploit the tools of fascism at home to promote its geopolitical interests abroad , and that of its allies.

And yet America is doing just that …

This week the Alavi Foundation will plead its case before yet another judge in yet another legal round against the state after allegations were lodged that the charitable organization, because of its Shia Muslim identity and its Iranian identity, should be disbanded and its assets seized.

Stuck in litigation hell since September 11th, 2013, the Alavi Foundation is facing an uncertain future. Needless to say that America’s broader Shia Muslim community is feeling rather anxious over such development, as many fear such a precedent will open the floodgate of repression.”

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