Razi School Kids, Local NYC Community Support Alavi Foundation

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The litigation seeking to forfeit the Foundation’s entire properties has unfortunately continued into its third week. The government has presented certain witnesses in its efforts to seize the properties, but the Foundation is happy to report that its attorneys have continued their magnificent defense and shown that the testimony of each government witness was flawed, both procedurally and substantively. Further, Foundation attorneys have convincingly argued that the government’s late disclosure of vital and exculpatory documents should lead to a mistrial. This is especially true for documents that the government should have provided the Foundation years ago, but failed do so in violation of established court rules. Unfortunately, the Hon. Katherine Forrest determined that this violation was not sufficient for a mistrial.

Students from Razi School, a parochial school that leases space for $1 per year in one of the Foundation’s buildings in New York, came to the court during the first week of trial. The teachers and administration wanted to not only support existence of the Foundation but also to have a field trip and show our children how the court system works. The children were initially stopped from entering the courtroom by Judge Forrest on the premise that the jury would be sympathetic to the children, but she later reconsidered her position and allowed the children to witness the trial for a brief period. Students and their parents remain concerned about having a school next year.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/field-trip-ploy-judge-briefly-bars-muslim-kids-47808151

Foundation has received many calls asking information about time and location of the court. The courthouse is located at 500 Pearl Street, Courtroom 23B, New York, NY. This is an open courtroom and all are allowed to attend. This trial will have serious ramifications for the Muslim communities in America, with long-lasting effects to the many mosques, schools, free medical clinics, and students that have received financial support from the Foundation throughout the years. All universities and humanitarian aids that have received millions of dollars may be seized. Your presence in the courtroom will show the world that the Foundation’s charitable mission benefits America, promotes tolerance and pluralism, and defends against intolerance, violence, radicalism and hatred. Insha-Allah your presence and prayers will help the Foundation to continue its 45-year mandate and more than $50MM donation to support our country.
Please feel free to contact the Foundation at info@alavifoundation.org for further details and also visit the Foundation’s website at www.alavifoundation.org.

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