Al-Fatemah Islamic Center Supports The Alavi Foundation

Because of The Alavi Foundation’s support, we have built a flourishing and diverse congregation that serves our community. We welcome those wanting to practice the Islamic faith regardless of nationality, race or background.

We feel that it is vital for community centers like ours to continue our good work, providing a safe environment for our congregants to pray and socialize. Together, organizations like The Alavi Foundation and our mosque can work to fight religious intolerance, combat violent extremism and promote interfaith collaboration.

We stand for American values such as democracy, freedom of expression, religious coexistence and equal rights for all. The Alavi Foundation is a non-profit organization that has provided more than $50 million to highly-valued charitable initiatives since 1973, including religious centers and programming, schools for children and young adults, free/low-cost health clinics and numerous humanitarian causes, among much more.

These programs help both Muslims and non-Muslims, including immigrants, refugees, the needy and the uninsured. The Foundation is able to have such a significant impact because of its majority ownership of the 650 Fifth Avenue building, a pillar of the Iranian-American community.

Should the Foundation have to discontinue its financial support of numerous institutions and programs nationwide, the impact would be immeasurable. We hope we are able to continue our work with the Foundation and the New York community, creating a more inclusive society for all Americans.

(See their full statement here on their own website).

The Alavi Foundation