The Al-Khoei Foundation has issued a statement of support for The Alavi Foundation, which reads, in part:

“The Alavi Foundation has been supporting educational, cultural, religious, humanitarian and community programs for decades. It has promoted interfaith tolerance and moderate and progressive Islamic causes, helping to integrate Muslims with the American society while also preserving Persian history and culture.

The impact that the Foundation has had on the Shi’a community cannot be denied. However, due to pending litigation against the Alavi Foundation, thousands of Muslims in the United States stand to lose a safe place to worship and socialize.

Should The Alavi Foundation lose the ability to operate, the impact would be damaging and widespread. Hundreds of school children and young adults in Alavi-funded educational programs would be impacted, as well as those who attend free/low-cost health clinics funded by the Foundation. These programs benefit both Muslim and non-Muslims alike, helping to create a peaceful and tolerant society.”

We urge the authorities to try to resolve this litigation with Alavi Foundation to avoid disenfranchising a large segment of our community.”

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