Mercy Health Clinic: Letter of Support for Alavi Foundation

The Mercy Health Clinic is extremely grateful for The Alavi Foundation’s generous support of our mission as a not-for-profit primary health care provider dedicated to serving the medically underserved, low-income residents of Montgomery County, Maryland. We are proud to announce the expansion of its vital community health services following significant contributions from The Alavi Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports educational, humanitarian and community programs around the world.

The Foundation’s financial contributions have been vital to our provision of much-needed resources to improve and expand quality primary medical care, educational support and pharmaceuticals free of charge for community members who might otherwise not be able to receive health care at all. With the Foundation’s backing, we are proud to announce that the Mercy Health Clinic has expanded its wide range of existing services both on and off-site, including primary preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of general acute and chronic medical problems, diabetes and nutrition education, and more.

Additionally, the Mercy Health Clinic has expanded its services in both specialty care and pharmaceuticals, also made possible through the benevolent support of The Alavi Foundation. Our patients can now benefit from numerous specialty clinics we offer on-site, including cardiology, endocrinology, gynecology, psychiatry among many more. Finally, Mercy Health Clinic patients are provided both prescription and over-the-counter medications free of charge from our on-site pharmacy, a crucial step to ensuring increased patient compliance.

The Alavi Foundation joins a long list of prestigious partners invested in our community’s future from major medical corporations to top universities to prominent local government agencies. For decades, The Alavi Foundation has provided upwards of $50 million in funding to vital educational, cultural, humanitarian and community programs for both the Muslim-American community and communities around the world. The Foundation’s track record of commitment to serving the Maryland community at large, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, has proven its dedication to the promotion of our unified American ideals of democracy and equal rights for all.

The Alavi Foundation has played a vital role in cementing the Mercy Health Clinic as a place where the community comes together to help one another, a mission perfectly aligned with the Foundation’s extensive charitable legacy. Without the aide of The Alavi Foundation, we would not have the resources needed to develop top quality, nationally acclaimed healthcare for those in our community most in need. The Mercy Health Clinic is very proud to enjoy the continuous support of The Alavi Foundation in this mission and in establishing a healthy future for all.

The Alavi Foundation